Valerie Dodds was ARRESTED for public nudity and trespassing

BIG NEWS! Just in and hot off the press! ValMidwest was ARRESTED for public nudity and trespassing today in Lincoln, NE for this specific photo shoot. She posed nude at her old high school Pius X, the big catholic school in Lincoln. The school tried to attack her when they first found out she was doing a nude website.

Current students, ex students and even faculty did this to her. She decided to show them she was here to stay and she wouldn’t let them bully her. This was weeks ago and now all of the sudden the police arrest her–come on, really? The pictures and video were done at night when no one was around! People just can’t take a joke these days but they sure have no problem talking shit all the time to Val, even though they are “gods people” lol.

Please Click here to see More of Val Midwest

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